Citroen 2CV Fuel Injection Conversion

Custom Twin Injector bespoke Classic Fuel Injection Conversion kit for the Citroen 2CV and Dyane range of vehicles.

We have developed this kit on our own Citroen 2CV and have been driving it around for the last few months and are very pleased with the results.
Our vehicle feels more responsive and it seems to have more power, better performance and a slightly higher top speed than it did when running on the standard carburettor.

This Citroen 2CV Bespoke kit consists of

Engine ECU / software / comms lead
Throttle Position Sensor - Mounted on new Throttle Body
Coolant Temperature Sensor - Modified for 2CV to use as head temperature sensor
Ignition Amplifier
Idle Control Valve - Mounted on new Throttle Body
Idle Control Module
Wide Band Oxygen Sensor Amplifier
Wide Band Bosch Oxygen Sensor
Weld On Oxygen Sensor Boss
High Pressure Fuel Pump
Fuel Pump Brackets
Inline Fuel Filter
Fuel Filter Bracket
Fuel Pressure Regulator
10m of High Pressure Fuel Hose
Fuel Hose Clamps
2 x Bosch Fuel Injectors
2 x Fuel Injector High Pressure Hose Fittings for Fuel Inlet
Plug and Play Classic Fuel Injection wiring loom ready to install

Bespoke parts for the 2CV
Throttle Body and Mounting plate and parts
New Timing sensor and plate to replace the original contact breakers
2 x Custom Injector bosses to weld onto the inlet manifold
Exhaust sleeve for Lambda fitment ( optional to use but probably easier to use sleeve )
Inlet elbow trunking for fitment to standard air filter.
Classic Fuel Injection 2CV Custom wiring loom ready to install.

Apart from a few nuts and bolts, tie straps and clips you should have all the parts you require for the conversion.

We will preload the ECU Calibration file which we developed using our own 2CV
As such the majority of the calibration work normally required to develop a correctly running engine has been completed using our vehicle.
Whilst we cannot guarantee the file supplied in the ECU will be a perfect match to your engine it should at least be a good starting point requiring only minor adjustments if any at all.

Back in the summer of 2021 we started to design a single injector kit for the 2CV but found it had some limitations that could not be easily overcome.
Fast forward 12 months or so and we know have this Twin Injector version which solves the issues and performs much better overall.

Please note this kit does not contain nuts, bolts and other fixings or adapters as they will be specific to your application but will easily be sourced from your normal suppliers or your existing workshop stock of parts.

Classic Fuel Injection Conversion, Citroen 2CV, Citroen Dyane

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The vehicle kits will normally be supplied with the ECU pre loaded with an initial start file.

This initial start file is simply provided as an aid for engine starting, it should not be considered a suitable final calibration for your engine.
You must be prepared to undertake further ECU calibration work to ensure the ECU files are tailored to your vehicle.
Failure to successfully complete the calibration process may lead to poor vehicle driveability or even damage to your engine.

Our Classic Fuel Injection Kits are custom built to order and to the customer general specification and as such are exempt from automatic return rights under Consumer Contract regulations.
By ordering this conversion kit you understand that further ECU calibration work will be required and the final results are outside of our control.
We cannot accept returns or claims arising from failure to successfully complete the calibration process.