1942 Ford GPW  - Genuine Wartime Jeep For Sale - Fully restored

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gpwjeepforsale  gpwjeepforsale 
gpwjeepforsale gpwjeepforsale
gpwjeepforsale gpwjeepforsale
gpwjeepforsale gpwjeepforsale
1942 Ford GPW Jeep - Fully Restored - For Sale

Date of Delivery = 10 July 1942
Chassis number = GPW43473
Engine number = 132156X
Build location = Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Estimated hood serial number range = 20135144 to 20135304 (exact serial number not available)

(The above information verified by the kind experts on www.g503.com )

This vehicle has just undergone a full restoration, has a full MOT, registered with the DVLA who issued an age related number plate and has 12 months historic (free) road tax

Being a Ford GPW Jeep many of the original parts were stamped with the Ford  "F" symbol, this vehicle retains most if not all of these " F " stamped parts.

Throughout the restoration all original parts were retained where ever possible so it can be said that this is an original jeep rather than a recreation built up of new parts.

The major points of the restoration include the following. 
Obviously this is not a complete and exhaustive list but is shown to give you an indication of the time, money and work put into this vehicle.
All original parts shown below have been cleaned, refurbished, serviced and painted as applicable.
All new parts are either new old stock (NOS) or new made to original patterns and authentic to the vehicle.

Front bumper  - New ( original was missing)

Front grille - Original

Front wings - Original

Windscreen frame - Original
(new glass fitted)

Front axle - Original

Engine - Original
(1945 fitted replacement, assumed fitted by the US army at the time)
The engine has been stripped, inspected and painted in the correct Ford Grey
Rebuilding included new piston rings, valves and a replacement Solex designed carburetor.

Gearbox - Original

Clutch - Complete new clutch fitted

Transfer case - Orginal

Drive shafts - Original

New brake slave cylinders fitted
New brake master cylinders fitted
New brake pipes
Handbrake mechanism - New (original was missing)

Fuel tank - New

Rear axle - Original
( new rear springs fitted)

Rear bumperettes - New ( originals were missing)

Towing pintle - New old stock

Chassis - Original

Steering - Original

Main body tub - New ( original was too far gone)

Wheels and tyres
5 x one piece wheels ( not combat rims)
5 x new tyres (combat tread pattern)

Front seats - Original frames fitted with new canvas cushions

Rear Seat - New frame fitted with new canvas cushions

Electrical and Instruments
Wiring harness - New
Lights (front and rear) - New
Switchgear - New
Battery - New
Gauges and senders - New
This vehicle has been converted to run at 12 volts for better lighting and easier starting.
It retains the correct dynamo and has a hidden electronic regulator to allow 12 volt control

Canvas Hood - New
This vehicle is fitted with new hood bows and a new correct style canvas hood (summer style)

Canvas straps and gaiters - New
Door safety straps, jerry can straps,  axe and shovel straps, roof bow straps and gearstick gaiters

Jerry Can and holder - New

Axe - New authentic reproduction

Shovel - Original, New old stock

In summary all the hard work has been done ( we enjoyed doing it ) it works as it should, it has all the correct parts so you can just drive and enjoy it.

Servicing and Maintenance
As a battlefield vehicle these Jeeps were designed to be maintained and serviced with minimal knowledge and tools and the majority of tasks can easily be completed by the owner or classic friendly garage.
With a large following these vehicles are supported by numerous specialists throughout the country so help is never far away.

Spare Parts
Almost everything is still available for the Jeeps, either as a new authentic part or as new old stock.
Many of the parts are much cheaper to buy than you would expect making this one of the cheapest classic vehicles to run and maintain

Insurance and Road Tax
This vehicle will easily qualify for cheap classic insurance and most drivers ought to be able to insure it for less than £100 per year on a classic policy.
It also benefits from being in the "Historic " taxation class with the DVLA meaning the tax disc is free.

Ford GPW Jeep History
Willys designed and started manufacture of their famous MB wartime jeep. 
As they were unable to supply enough vehicles for the war effort the US Army also instructed Ford to also manufacture the Jeep. 
These Ford Jeeps were known as the Ford GPW
These Ford GPW Jeeps are more sought after than the Willys as the Ford GPW was only manufactured during WW2 so by default it has to be an original wartime vehicle. 
Willys however continued with Jeep production after WW2 so unfortunately there are many non WW2 vehicles masquerading as original wartime vehicles.

This Jeep is located near Chelmsford in Essex.


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