1945 Willys MB - Wartime WW2 Jeep For Sale - Restored including rebuilt engine and gearbox

Wartime WW2 Willys MB Jeep - Fully restored including a fully rebuilt engine and fully rebuilt gearbox.

Date of Delivery =  8 March 1945
Chassis number = 424587

This jeep is currently undergoing the final stages of restoration and is available now
( Now registered with the DVLA and just waiting for the weather to improve for shake down and debugging)

Better pictures will be coming when it stops snowing and raining but in the meantime it is nice and dry in my workshop, so come and have a look.

Highlights of the restoration,

Rebuilt engine
Rebuilt transmission
New clutch
New brakes, wheel cylinders and master cylinders
Axles refurbished as required
New wiring harness
New Summer Top Canvas
New Canvas Seat covers
Screw Top US Style Jerry Can
Authentic Axe and Shovel
Converted to 12 volts using hidden regulator and standard Willys dynamo
Period tub repaired as required
Chassis repaired as required
New instruments
New fuel tank
Freshly painted
Many other new and refurbished parts

Servicing and Maintenance
As a battlefield vehicle these Jeeps were designed to be maintained and serviced with minimal knowledge and tools and the majority of tasks
can easily be completed by the owner or classic friendly garage.
With a large following these vehicles are supported by numerous specialists throughout the country so help is never far away.

Spare Parts
Almost everything is still available for the Jeeps, either as a new authentic part or as new old stock.
Many of the parts are much cheaper to buy than you would expect making this one of the cheapest classic vehicles to run and maintain

Insurance, MOT and Road Tax
This vehicle will easily qualify for cheap classic insurance and most drivers ought to be able to insure it for less than £100 per year on a classic policy.
It also benefits from being in the "Historic " taxation class with the DVLA meaning the tax disc is free.
Also now benefitting from MOT exemption as it is pre 1960

Willys MB and Ford GPW Jeep History
Willys designed and started manufacture of their famous MB wartime jeep. 
As they were unable to supply enough vehicles for the war effort the US Army instructed Ford to also manufacture the Jeep. 
The Willys versions were known as Willys MB whilst the Ford versions were known as Ford GPW

This Jeep is located near Chelmsford in Essex.


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