1945 Willys MB - Wartime WW2 Jeep For Sale - Good overall original condition

Wartime WW2 Willys MB Jeep - 1945

Willys Jeep MB


-- Page updated April 2015 --
This is my own jeep which I have owned for around 10 years, I am only selling to make room for new projects,
Below is a fair and honest description to help you decide if this is the jeep for you
It all works as it should starts, drives and stops without any issues



Body tub believed original ( or at least authentic, not thought to be later repro tub) Body condition over all is good.
Now has new Top Hat section fitted under rear floor, and a new section fitted to left hand front fender, both common areas of corrosion. Both fitted April 2015

Needs a repaint if you want it perfect but I quite like it looking a little scruffy (looks like a real jeep like that way so could easily be left like this )
Has towing pintle on rear but is a slightly later Nato version rather than WW2
Fairly recent new canvas seat cushions ( about 4 years old )
No longer has canvas hood, this split and was unusable.
New one can be purchased for around £150


Engine / Engine Bay

Good condition runs OK without smoke or noise
Authentic for the period ( do not think it is later CJ2 engine as it does not have ribs on head)
Fitted with 12 volt alternator instead of original 6v dynamo
Currently Jeep has one 12v battery fitted.
Recent new fuel pump fitted
Does not have separate oil filter fitted ( never came with one so I never bothered and just changed oil frequently )


Gearbox / Transfer case

Good overall condition

All works as it should without excessive noise
Does drop some oil on the floor. I top it up once a year and it seems to be enough ( a common issue and many do this even when new seals are fitted)
Occaisionally comes out of 2nd gear on hard overrun, not a real problem as these are high torque engines and to be honest you are not in second gear much ( again a common issue on these jeeps)
Neither of these should give any real reason for concern



Now has brand new correct side exit exhaust fitted ( April 2015 )



Wheels / Tyres

5 good tyre

5 good split rim wheels


Electrical system / Instruments

Overall good condition, everything works
Converted to 12 volt
Has turn indicators fitted
Most of the wiring is new repro wiring loom ( about 4 years old) with some additions for indicators etc.

Speedo, Oil temp pressure and water temperature gauges look original Ammeter and Fuel gauge are later repro items
Has ignition key fitted and starting is push button ( instead of original foot solenoid)


For Sale
This jeep is offered for sale in current condition for £12,950 which will give you a good usable jeep to enjoy and drive around.
If you want to build a 100% perfect vehicle then this will be a very good starting point rather than buying a basket case for restoration which will no doubt end up costing you much more than you thought it would.

                                                                              NOW SOLD, THANK YOU FOR LOOKING

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