HGV Remapping Service
With fuel being one of the biggest costs in today's modern transport system the industry has spent thousands of man hours looking for ways to help the fleet manager cut operating costs.

One of the simplest and cheapest ways delivering almost immediate payback is remapping the Engine ECU.

By carefully adjusting the calibration parameters within the Engine ECU a typical remap with allow the engine to produce more torque lower in the RPM range enabling higher gears to be selected earlier or maintained for longer before down shifting.

Using the revised gear change strategy fuel savings of between 5% and 20% are often achievable, couple this with your own in house driver training and the majority of your drivers should achieve these savings within the first few trips.

Data collected from various fleets and sources has shown,
Medium power trucks (circa 400 BHP) achieved fuel savings of 10 to 15%.
Higher power trucks (circa 550 BHP) achieved fuel savings of 8 to 12%.

Most modern trucks can be remapped including DAF, IVECO, MAN, MERCEDES, RENAULT, SCANIA and VOLVO.

We can tailor the remap for economy, power or a combination of both.

With typical improvements in MPG of between 10 - 15% the return on investment will be quickly recouped.
Not only do you get a fuel saving your truck could travel further in between fuel stops and achieve improvements in time efficiency as well.

How much could you save ?
Well that obviously depends on the size of your fuel bill but as a rough guide just deduct 12% from your current fuel bill.
You will be amazed at how quickly these savings mount up.

An example -
One medium power truck covering 90,000 miles per year will consume around 11,538 gallons (52,384 litres) of fuel at a typical 7.8 mpg.

With ECU remapping typically the MPG figure will be improved by 12% and this calculation now looks like,

One truck covering 90,000 miles per year will consume around 10,297 gallons (46,750 litres) of fuel at a typical 8.74 mpg.

This is a saving of 5634 litres of fuel or almost £7,000 per truck per year. (fuel price calculated at £1.23 exclude VAT)

Customer data -
Below is a selection of results from customer vehicles.
This data was collected and monitored using the customer installed telematics system over the last few months,

Mercedes Actros 550bhp average saving 0.6 mpg
Daf CF85 460bhp average saving 0.8 mpg
Daf CF85 460bhp average saving 0.9 mpg
Daf XF105 430bhp average saving 1.0 mpg
Mercedes Axor 410bhp average saving 1.2 mpg
Mercedes Axor 410bhp average saving 1.5 mpg
2 x Volvo FM13 400bhp Tipper Trucks with savings between 0.9 and 1.4 mpg depending on work cycles operating in the London area

How To Buy

For all ECU remapping options please add the appropriate option to your basket and remember to include your vehicle details in the comments section during the checkout process. ( Vehicle Make, Model, Year, Engine Size, Engine Power and Fuel type)

Please add what you believe to be the most appropriate ECU remapping option to your basket.
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ECU Remapping Service - HGV ECU Remap

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The vehicle kits will normally be supplied with the ECU pre loaded with an initial start file.

This initial start file is simply provided as an aid for engine starting, it should not be considered a suitable final calibration for your engine.
You must be prepared to undertake further ECU calibration work to ensure the ECU files are tailored to your vehicle.
Failure to successfully complete the calibration process may lead to poor vehicle driveability or even damage to your engine.

Our Classic Fuel Injection Kits are custom built to order and to the customer general specification and as such are exempt from automatic return rights under Consumer Contract regulations.
By ordering this conversion kit you understand that further ECU calibration work will be required and the final results are outside of our control.
We cannot accept returns or claims arising from failure to successfully complete the calibration process.