Electrical Service and Repair

Electrical Services - Private Customers, Trade Customers and Fleet Operators.

For the last 30 years we have been serving both OEM vehicle manufacturers and smaller customers alike.

Electrical Service, Modifications and Repairs

Electrical Restoration
Full electrical and wiring service to bring your vehicle back to original standard.

Electrical Modification and Updates
Enhance and update your vehicle with some of the latest safety and convenience options including lighting, in car entertainment, security systems and internal and external cameras.

IVA Vehicle Conversion for Imported Vehicles
To register an imported vehicle for the UK it is often required to make modifications to the external lighting.
For example USA vehicles tend to have flashing Red direction indicators, no rear fog lamp and no side repeaters all of which need corrected before they can be registered in the UK.
Newer cars need the IVA test but even classic cars often require similar work before they are legal.

Electrical Repairs, Fault Finding and Diagnostic Testing

Complete service offered from small jobs to a complete rewire

Classic, Modern and Prototype vehicles

We serve both Trade and Private customers whether single vehicle or whole fleet.

Design, Development and Manufacture

Our comprehensive OEM vehicle experience allows us to offer a complete design, development and manufacture service for the entire vehicle electrical system.
With In-house manufacturing we can offer prototype, low volume and bespoke manufacturing of vehicle wiring systems.

ECU Remapping and Vehicle Tuning - Cars, Vans and HGV

Our ECU remapping and tuning services cover most makes and models of vehicles and include Power Tuning for - Increased Power and Torque - More Responsive Drive - Safer Overtaking
Economy Tuning for - Upto 20% better Fuel Economy - More Power and Torque - Less CO2 Emissions
DPF filter removals, EGR Deletion, Speed Limiter Removal
We can offer either performance or economy options to get the best out of your vehicle
This Economy option is of particular interest for the fleet manager and operators of commercial vehicles

Please visit the ECU Remapping  to visit our dedicated ECU remapping website.

Vehicle Diagnostic Testing and Module Programming

Years of vehicle experience coupled with some of the very latest professional diagnostic tools allows us to diagnose many troublesome vehicle problems that you may be experiencing.

Some of the tools at our disposal are :-

- LAUNCH Master - Probably the best professional diagnostic tool covering pretty much every vehicle
- FORD IDS - Specific to Ford vehicles and allows many of the dealer only testing and configurations.
- RossTech VAGCOM - Specific to VW vehicles and allows many of the dealer only testing and configurations.
- Electrical System Testers - To help with diagnosis and repair of general and often very annoying electrical gremlins.

Classic Car Fuel Injection Conversion System

We have launched our in house designed Classic Fuel Injection Conversion System to suit classic cars.
This is a a simple but effective low cost system that can be fitted to many classic cars whilst retaining much of the car's " original " look

Fitment of this system will help improve starting, reliability, performance, drivability and fuel economy.
Retaining original unmodified components it will not destroy the value of your classic.
Please visit CLASSIC FUEL INJECTION CONVERSION  to see our dedicated Classic Fuel Injection website.