Engine ECU Remapping Services

Engine ECU Remapping Services

Professional ECU Remapping and Tuning service for your vehicle to give increases in both POWER and ECONOMY
We can remap most vehicles from the year 2000 including Cars, Vans, Taxi, Fleets and HGV vehicles

Our staff are Motor Industry trained and have spent many years working on new vehicle programs with blue chip companies including Ford, Jaguar, Lotus and Rolls Royce.  Our unique experience allows us to confidently say;

" We have designed vehicles, we know how they work and we understand what ECU remapping can do for you "

In addition to our Chelmsford based workshop service we can offer a mobile service covering all of Essex and parts of East Hertfordshire, North London, East London, North Kent, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk.
For those further away we can offer a a postal remap service or nationwide installation service via our partners.

ECU Remapping for Maximum Power

Turbo Diesel
Full Power = 25% to 30% increase in BHP & Torque and 5% to 10% improvement to MPG.
Turbo Petrol
Full Power = 20% in BHP & Torque and a small improvement to MPG
Petrol and Diesel ( Non Turbo )
Power = 10% to15% increase in BHP & Torque.
(Up to 7.5% on most Cars with over 250BHP as standard.)

ECU Remapping for Maximum Economy

Turbo Diesel
Full Power = 10% increase in BHP & Torque and 10% to 20% improvement to MPG.
Turbo Petrol
Full Power = 10% in BHP & Torque and upto 10% improvement to MPG
Petrol and Diesel ( Non Turbo )
Full Power = 10% increase in BHP & Torque and 5% to 10% improvement to MPG

ECU Remapping Typical Benefits and Services

 - The increased power will optimise your vehicle increasing your driving experience
 - Your vehicle will be much more responsive to you right foot
 - Flat spots will be ironed out
 - Power will be delivered more smoothly making your trip much easier with less gear changes
 - Quicker acceleration making overtaking much safer
 - Fuel Economy optimised (actual results will depend on external factors such as your driving style and traffic patterns.)
 - Less CO2 Emissions
 - DPF Filter Removal to solve DPF problems
 - EGR Removal for better performance and EGR problem solving
 - Vehicle speed Limiter Removal

Most vehicles from year 2000 onwards can be remapped to benefit with increased Power and better Economy

Economy Remapping - How does it save me Fuel ?

More and more of our customers are asking for Economy remaps for their vehicles but also ask us
" How does this save me fuel ? "
With an economy remap we optimise and increase the engine torque and power in the low and mid engine speed range.
This increased torque allows the driver to change into a higher gear earlier or to maintain a higher gear for longer before down shifting.
This gear change strategy is generally know as " Short Shifting " and has been proven many times in the vehicle certification emission laboratories to save fuel.
Any driver who can short shift will save fuel but are often prevented from doing so by the power limitations of the engine.
With our Economy Remapping service these power limitations are significantly reduced allowing the driver to short shift as driving conditions allow.

How Much Can I Save ?
For Turbo Diesel vehicles typical savings are between 10% and 20%
For Turbo Petrol vehicles typical savings are around 10%
Non turbo vehicles have less potential but you could still save around 5%

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