Dynamic EFI Engine ECU - EBL flash

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We are dealers of the Dynamic EFI range of GM ECU's and use these in the majority of our systems.
These professionally modified and refurbished GM based ECU's ensure a quality and reliable product which benefits from GM's almost limitless prodcut development budget.

A fully user programmable ECU to allow simple conversion of your classic car to full fuel injection

The ECU can be configured in various ways to allow fuel injection to be fitted onto 4, 6 and 8 cylinder vehicles

It can control 2, 4, 6 or 8 injectors in various firing modes ( not fully sequential mode)

ECU kit comes complete with - ECU
Software ( no licence or subscription required )
Communication lead

In summary it can be described as follows
1 - Easy to fit
2 - Easy to set up
3 - Keep the vehicle looking as standard and original as possible
4 - Use quality proven components from the OE motor industry
5 - Adaptable to as many classic cars as possible
6 - Keep the system effective but simple
7 - Provide a low cost alternative to the existing complicated systems on the market

These ECU's are based on the hugely successful range of ECU's fitted by General Motors into hundreds of thousands of cars worldwide.
Our units have been reprogrammed and updated ( to make them fully user programmable ) but still maintain the reliability of GM's original design.

Users can easily modify tables and parameters to control such items as,

Spark Advance
Main Fuelling
Cranking fuel
Choke Fuelling
Warm Up times
Full Idle speed control
And many other parameters and features

With the addition of the optional wide Band Oxygen sensor and a cheap simple laptop this system can be turned into a full self learning system

What does this mean ?
Quite simply hook up the laptop and custom software, start the car drive it.
Each time you drive the system will automatically monitor the fuelling ( both at part and full throttle) and self adjust itself.
You then simply press a couple of buttons on the laptop and these new fuelling parameters will automatically be uploaded into the ECU.

The more you drive it the better it gets.

No need for extreme specialist knowledge or expensive rolling roads, just drive your car and it will calibrate itself.

Dynamic EFI Engine ECU

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