V8 4 Barrel Big Block TBI Throttle Body

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This throttle body is designed as a replacement to the normal 4 barrel carburettor.
Included on this Throttle Body are 2 x Delphi injectors, 1 x idle control valve and 1 x Fuel Pressure regulator all in the single package.

It will suit many of the US V8 engines as fitted to Chevolet, GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles
currently fitted with a 4 BBL carburettor.

Complete with an included adaptor this should fit any vehicle with the standard "Square Bore " or " Spread Bore " inlet manifolds.

This kit will support many " Small Block " engines from around 6L upto around 7.5L and around 330 BHP.
For smaller engines with less power and " Small Block " vehicles it is recommended to use our Small Block kit.

This TBI kit will suit most big block engines fitted with a 4 barrel carburettors.
This TBI unit has a refurbished and rebuilt GM TBI throttle body that replaces the existing carburettor and is a direct bolt on replacement using the adaptor and also looks visually similar to the original carburettor.
You can also use this kit as a base for other V8 engines such as the Rover V8 but you may need to make changes to the adaptor and / or manifold

V8 4 Barrel Big Block Throttle Body

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