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Got an iPhone you are trying to use as a Sat Nav device ?

Fed up with the GPS signal always being lost ?

Bored with waiting for the GPS signal to be found ?

Taking wrong turnings with you Sat Nav because the signal and accuracy is poor leading to delayed and inaccurate instructions ?


If so then you are one of the thousands of iPhone users suffering from poor GPS signal reception. We were fed up with being one of the poor signal victims so ended up researching what could be done.
After quite a bit of fiddling about we found this product and were so pleased with its performance we ended up importing them direct from the manufacturer and are now please to offer them for sale.

It makes your iPhone work as it was intended and as you rightly expect.

The SBG-190 is a GPS re-radiating antenna.
It will receive the outdoor GPS satellite signal and re-radiate to an indoor place giving a stronger signal.
When a GPS Satellite is revolving around the earth it will transmit continuously satellite signal to the earth, but the strength of satellite signal will weaken to only around -125dBm when it arrives at the ground. Such weak signal can't penetrate into buildings or vehicles; and its signal can be detected only in or around windows or doors.
SBG-190 is built to transmit the GPS satellite signal from outdoor to indoor, and re-radiate the signal allowing the user to operate GPS Receivers inside buildings or vehicles.
The SBG-190 contains a power regulation circuit, a high frequency low noise amplifier, a signal radiation set, and an active outdoor antenna to receive the GPS satellite signal.

Kit contains
SBG-190 module which plugs into your vehicles 12 volt cigar lighter.

Exterior active antenna to receive GPS signal.
(Has a 5 meter lead which plugs into the module to allow greater flexibility in mounting location)

Interior re-radiating antenna to transmit GPS signal to your sat nav, iPhone or other GPS device.
(Has a 2 meter lead which plugs into the module to allow greater flexibility in mounting location, ideally mounted near your GPS device)

Can be fitted into a vehicle within minutes for instant use or allowing movement from vehicle to vehicle.

Our own test results.
Date – 3 week period between June and July 2011
Vehicle – Jeep Grand Cherokee (has coated windscreen)
Device – iPhone 3GS running TomTom 1.6
Measuring program – MotionX-GPS (app for iPhone which displays GPS signal strength)
Exterior antenna location – Inside vehicle next to rear window.
Interior antenna location – Inside vehicle next to iPhone holder.
(better results will be obtained if the exterior antenna is mounted outside the vehicle but we wanted to maintain portability and ease of fitment)

Without the GPS Booster
Time to acquire signal - Anywhere between 5 minutes and 30 minutes.
GPS signal was very weak or non existent making it virtually impossible to use TomTom with the iPhone.
When signal was obtained accuracy was often reported as over 500 feet and displayed as between 2 and 3 bars on MotionX program.
Signal was often lost and had to be re acquired before TomTom could continue.

With the GPS Booster
Time to acquire signal - Initially around 30 seconds and for reacquiring around 2 or 3 seconds if signal was lost.
GPS signal was very good meaning TomTom was very accurate and reliable with the iPhone.
When signal was obtained accuracy was reported as 50 or 30 feet and typically displayed as between 6 and 9 bars on MotionX program.
Signal was only lost if going through a tunnel etc.

Overall using an iPhone as a GPS Sat Nav device along with this GPS booster allows the iPhone to give accurate, quick and reliable information on par with dedicated Sat Nav devices.
Without this booster the iPhone is pretty much useless as a Sat Nav device.

Throughout these tests we used an iPhone 3GS since these are one of the most popular devices people try to use as a Sat Nav device.
However this booster will work equally well with any GPS device whether this be another type of mobile phone with GPS capability or a dedicated navigation device.
We used TomTom for our tests but it will work equally well with any Sat Nav program including TomTom, Co Pilot, Garmin etc. etc.

iPhone iPad Sat Nav GPS Signal Booster Antenna Aerial SBG190

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