Based on our Classic Fuel Injection Twin Weber Kits.

Premium Vehicle Kit for Lotus Vehicles fitted with Twin Weber DCOE Carburettor or Dellorto Carburettors

Save around £200 when buying as complete kit
(compared to individual component prices)

This kit contains all the parts needed for our Classic Fuel Injection system
(you do not need to order anything else from our range )

This Premium kit will suit a vehicle with a pair of twin choke Weber DCOE carburettor and includes the Webcon DCOE Throttle Body with full idle speed control capability

We have assembled this kit for easy ordering but if you prefer you can still order some or all of the parts using our individual listings

Ordering our kits will also save you money, our kits are typically 10 to 15% cheaper than ordering individual parts

This kit contains

Engine ECU - Most of our systems are now based on the MaxxECU MINI ECU
ECU software
ECU to Laptop communication lead

Engine Sensor Kit Comprising -
Throttle Position Sensor
Coolant Temperature Sensor
Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
Distributor Sensor
Distributor Pickup ( you need to specify at time of ordering how many cylinders )
Ignition Amplifier
Idle Control Valve and pipework
Wide Band Oxygen Sensor Amplifier
Wide Band Bosch Oxygen Sensor
Weld On Oxygen Sensor Boss

Fuel System Kit Comprising -
High Pressure Fuel Pump
Fuel Pump Brackets
Inline Fuel Filter
Fuel Filter Bracket
Fuel Pressure Regulator
10m of High Pressure Fuel Hose
Fuel Hose Clamps

Fuel Injector Kit Comprising -
4 x Bosch Fuel Injectors for total engine power upto around 250 BHP
4 x Fuel Injector High Pressure Hose Fittings for Fuel Inlet
8 x Fuel Injector Mounting Plates
8 x M6 Mounting Plate Fixings
2 x Weber DCOE Throttle Body to suit Weber DCOE equipped vehicles ( 1 x Master and 1 x Slave )
Electrical Wiring
Four injector universal wiring loom ready to install

Please note this kit does not contain nuts, bolts and other fixings or adapters as they will be specific to your application but will easily be sourced from your normal suppliers or your existing workshop stock of parts.

Classic Fuel Injection Conversion, Lotus Premium Kit for Twin Weber or Dellorto

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