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KEE Automotive Ltd - Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Removal

With more and more vehicles suffering from DPF faults leading to decreased performance and illuminated engine warning lights our DPF software removal service is becoming ever more popular.
If you have a problem with your DPF and the engine management light is driving you mad then we can switch this off for good.
Even if you have had to remove your DPF for whatever reason and the sensor is now throwing up an error on your ECU making the light come on your dash then we can also switch if off for ever.
If your car is going into limp mode this can also be caused by the DPF which may be another reason to come to us to have the DPF problem fixed.
You may want your DPF removed for other reasons, it can reduce/restrict the exhaust gas flow which will in turn reduce the mpg your vehicle will return, so removing it can save you money.

We can currently accommodate DPF removal on many makes and models  some of which are shown below.
To confirm if it is available on your vehicle please contact us.

ECU Remapping Products and Services

Examples of Vehicles that we can carry out DPF Removal

• Alfa Romeo – Bosch EDC15/EDC16/EDC17
• Audi – Bosch EDC16/EDC17, Siemens PPD
• BMW – Bosch EDC16/EDC17
• Citroen – Bosch EDC15/EDC16, Siemens SID, Delphi DCM3.x
• Chevrolet – Bosch EDC16/EDC17
• Chrysler – Bosch EDC16CP31
• Fiat – Bosch EDC15/EDC16/EDC17, Marelli MJD
• Ford – Bosch EDC16/EDC17, Siemens SID
• Honda – Bosch EDC16/EDC17, Siemens SID
• Hyundai – Bosch EDC16/EDC17
• Iveco – Bosch EDC16
• Jaguar – Bosch EDC16/EDC17
• Kia – Bosch EDC16/EDC17
• Lancia – Bosch EDC15/EDC16/EDC17
• Mini – Bosch EDC16/EDC17
• Mazda – Bosch EDC16/EDC17, Denso (HARD RESET)
• Mercedes – Bosch EDC16/EDC17
• Nissan – Bosch EDC16, Denso (BETA)
• Opel – Bosch EDC16/EDC17, Marelli MJD
• Peugeot – Bosch EDC15/EDC16, Siemens SID, Delphi DCM3.x
• Porsche – Bosch EDC17
• Renault – Bosch EDC16
• Saab – Bosch EDC16/EDC17
• Seat – Bosch EDC16/EDC17, Siemens PPD
• Skoda – Bosch EDC16/EDC17, Siemens PPD
• Suzuki – Bosch EDC16
• Toyota – Bosch EDC17
• Volvo – Bosch EDC16/EDC17, Siemens SID
• VW – Bosch EDC16/EDC17, Siemens PPD

This list is not exhaustive and changes all the time so please contact us for more options and vehicles.

We can fix your DPF Problems
dpf filter removal and delete
dpf filter removal and delete

We can fix many of the Diesel Particulate Filter problems found on many vehicles
If your DPF warning lights are on, your engine in reduced power then speak to us and we can probably solve the issues for you