Webcon - Weber Retroject DGV Throttle Body

Weber DGV / Weber DGA - Replacement Throttle Body

Using these genuine Weber Throttle Bodies you can easily convert your existing Weber DGV or Weber DGA equipped vehicles to fuel injection.

This is a new adaptor to replace the Weber Downdraft DGV or DGAS carburettors

( The Retroject is a bolt on replacement to the Weber DCD, DGV, DGAV, DFEV, DGMAs and DGAS  and with a small modification to the fixing holes can also be used with the DMTL )

To suit
Weber DGV 32/36
Weber DGAS 38/38

Bolt spacing dimensions for flange to inlet manifold
4 bolts with spacing 93mm x 46mm approx

This is the Retroject adaptor designed and manufactured by Webcon.
We are authorised dealers for this part

This is a new replacement throttle body to replace the carburettor.
It is a direct bolt on part and all throttle linkages etc. are retained.
It looks very similar to the original carburettor so the original look of the vehicle is retained.
No non reversible engine modifications are needed.

This Weber Retroject assembly contains the Throttle body, 2 x Pico Fuel Injectors, Idle Speed control, Throttle Position Sensor and Air Temperature Sensor all inbuilt into one part.
Good for vehicles upto around 180 BHP

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